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Dandong Crane-Annotations of Classics-Europe type crane being favored in consecutive six years

visits:   time:2016/5/19 17:28:41

As China leading Europe crane manufacturer and service provider, Europe crane with excellent quality, excellent performance, operational comfort and convenience is the most popular of large tonnage crane. Energy saving, durable and reliable, superior efficiency and good quality can be found in the Europe crane body.

Europe crane with large tonnage, heavy duty lifting crane operating environment independently developed products, the successful application of Dandong crane independently developed a number of advanced technology, with dozens of patents, the whole level of technology and performance indicators have reached the international advanced Level. The products with superior performance and excellent performance to win the trust of the market, since the market is highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers. Especially in the field of construction machinery, cranes by Dandong Chinese construction machinery giant - Three I. XCMG, Zoomlion leading brands unanimously approved. From heritage to leap from exploring to lead, sales volume climbed steadily witnessing user firm endorsement of EW European crane.

Europe crane was developed independently for heavy tonnage needs by Dandong Crane, which takes a number of advanced technology and dozens of patents, the whole level of technology and performance indicators have reached the international advanced Level. The products with superior performance and excellent performance to win the trust of the market, which is highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers, especially in the field of construction machinery, Dandong crane has got unanimously approved by Chinese construction machinery giants- SANY. XCMG, Zoomlion.

Subverting tradition and leading China Europe type crane industry development.

Main technical parameters of Dandong Europe crane: lifting capacity: 6.3t-400t(even more), lifting height: 9m~60m, lifting speed: 1m/min~16m/min, work grade: M3~M7. It is compact, light, lower power consumption, etc. Comparing with other common cranes in China, the dead weight of Europe type cranes decreased 23-64%, which completely subverted the image of China traditional crane that is big and heavy. It can help us to save space, steel consumption, factory investment, maintenance cost, etc.(see the form below)

Compared with same types of domestic cranes, our Europe type crane has the following advantages: light weight, less wheel load, lower net height, small working dead zone, low power consumption, low noise, better handling performance, etc. Because we choose lighter steel structure design and higher performance components, help our customers to save more fixed assets investment and equipment operating cost.

Industries: industrial and mining enterprise, common manufacturing industries, shipbuilding, wind energy, nuclear power, automobile, aerospace, etc. With advanced and proven technology, stable and reliable product performance and extensive industry experience, reliability, durability and high-quality European-style crane received recognition from world-renowned enterprises. Our huge marketing network covers the whole China, many products had been exported to Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Nigeria, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. Dandong Crane has become outstanding enterprise in the industry.

Today, efficient production has become an important issue and the development trend of industry. With the vigorous development of China economy, the industry has been more attention, as the market continues to mature crane, investors intelligence capabilities and automation requirements cranes are also rising. Mechanical technology and electronic technology combined with intelligent automation and material handling equipment will be the future direction of development. With long years of accumulated valuable experience and strength, Continental Crane has integrated intelligent monitoring, electronic anti-sway, three-dimensional positioning functions, remote monitoring and other requirements to ensure performance monitoring and maintenance of the equipment. At the same device provides a variety of functions reserved interface, the user can according to needs, increasing the functionality through an interface reserved, convenient and fast to create conditions to meet your equipment needs.